Maternal Mortality Rate in Texas

If Texas were to be its own country and compare itself to the other advanced countries in the world, it would have the highest maternal mortality rate among these nations.  Bearing children in Texas is risky.

Why do you think so many women in Texas die while giving birth?  Were you aware maternal mortality is a big issue in Texas?

What Did Mayor Taylor Say Wrong?

As you probably know, I was asked to get involved in a controversy regarding our mayor two weeks ago.  Her answer as to why people are poor received nationwide attention. Her response to the cause of poverty reveals a strong disagreement among Christians on the causes of poverty.

Conservative Christians, including our mayor, focus on individual responsibility.  In that context, saying these people are broken and lack a proper relationship with God is consistent with conservative theology.

Progressive Christians focus more on social structures which promote poverty.  Progressives would point out Jesus had a close relationship with God but he died virtually penniless.  A broken relationship with God was not the cause of Jesus' poverty.  Other factors were involved.

What would you say is the primary cause of poverty - individual actions or societal injustices?

Alamo Conference Meeting

MacArthur Park provided eight of the 32 attendees on April 30 at the annual conference meeting at Hope Lutheran Church on Callaghan.  We had a full delegation which was asked to take a survey on the needs of our congregation and synod.

Thank you to those who gave their Sunday afternoon to attend this meeting.

Upcoming Synod Newspaper Article

I have been asked to write an article for the Vista on the shortage of clergy now facing the ELCA,  and on related topics.  The denomination has decided within the last six months to make leadership development a bigger priority.  I will let you know when the article might be published.

Superintendant's Awards

A good-sized delegation of volunteers from MacArthur Park Lutheran Church attended this NEISD event last week and received certificates of appreciation for work done in providing snacks at Oak Grove Elementary School.

If you would like to help with this project next school year, contact Brenda Krueger on the Community Based Advocacy team.

Finding Neverland

Lynn and I attended this musical at the Majestic Theater last week and enjoyed it.  The theater has done something to improve acoustics in the balcony and we are happy with the changes.

Did any of you see this show?



Wittenberg, Germany

Wittenberg is the city where Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to start the Protestant Reformation in 1517.  I recently read this city now has only 7% of its population which claims to be Christian.  The secularization of Germany in recent decades has been dramatic.

First Saturday Night Worship Service

Extra tables and chairs had to be set up earlier this evening as 47 attended our first monthly Saturday evening worship service in the fireside room  Caleb Stone was baptized at this informal service which is intended to be different from what we do Sunday mornings.

The next Saturday service will be May  27.

Pastor Heather is doing most of the planning for these services.  We do not expect both pastors to be present at this service on a regular basis.

Lutheran World Federation Assembly

The Twelfth Assembly of the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) will take place 10-16 May 2017 in Windhoek, Namibia, under the theme "Liberated by God's Grace."  Almost 800 participants - including nearly 400 delegates from the 145 LWF member churches in 98 countries worldwide - will participate.  The assembly is the highest LWF decision-making body and meets every six to seven years.

The Assembly will give general direction to the work of the LWF for the next years.  It will speak out on issues concerning the life and witness of the churches and the world.  It will elect the LWF President and Council to serve until the next Assembly.  At the Assembly the LWF will commemorate the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation.  Rev. Lydia Posselt of the ELCA will deliver the closing sermon.  She is 33 years old and Martin Luther was 32 when the Reformation started. 

The Assembly is hosted by the three Namibian member churches of the LWF.

Former Pastor Ernie Hinojosa represented the ELCA at an Assembly while he was a pastor here.

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