American Academy of Religion/Society for Biblical Literature

Sunday's faith section of the San Antonio Express-News carried a story from Boston about the recent meeting of these two groups of religious scholars and how the meeting turned into an anti-Trump rally.  I had heard an initial report on the meeting from Rev. Kathy Haueisen near the end of our Rooted and Growing campaign but was surprised to read how deep the opposition to Trump is among mainline Christian theologians.  The letter I published in this blog a few days ago from Garrett-Evangelical Seminary may be more representative of the views of religious scholars than I thought.

As I have reported in the past, I know of no major issue where the emphasis of the Trump administration parallels the teachings and positions of the ELCA or other major mainline denominations.  I have distributed a number of emails from the ELCA and related organizations on a variety of issues in Washington and I do not remember receiving one which called upon ELCA members to support the current administration's position.  If I discover such an issue, I maintain my commitment to let you know.

These are challenging and unusual times, but I am confident the Holy Spirit will guide us as we attempt to Live the Gospel and Change the World with a special emphasis on advocating for the poor.

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