Update on Meals on Wheels

Jeanette Pierce reports all avenues have been explored and Meals on Wheels will no longer be a program of our congregation.  We are planning an appropriate way to thanks those who volunteered with this program for so many years.  We are also looking at other volunteer opportunities for those who want to continue helping those who are elderly or who need access to good meals.

I am still not sure what the real issue was.  It seems strange that a working relationship and known request for over twenty years would be suddenly terminated.  This is one of those situations where I have a hunch there is more to the story than is being told.  Two and two do not seem to equal four.

I want to thank all who were part of this program for so many years.  I wonder how many meals were distributed by MacArthur Park.

I heard second hand our program has now been moved to Episcopal Church of the Reconciliation on Starcrest.

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