"What is the main priority of the synod?"

The Strategic planning Task force of the Southwestern Texas Synod conducted a number of interviews to determine the synod's greatest need for the new bishop..  Some of you participated in the interviews.

The issue raised most frequently was Pastor Care for Leaders, including lay leaders, congregation council leaders, Children-Youth-and-Family ministers, pastors and deacons.

I appreciate what MacArthur Park allows me to do for self-care.  I have had four sabbatical leaves, the same spiritual director for 20 years, mutual ministry committees going back to the 1970s in other congregations, the opportunity to study a day a week, and the chance to go to a gym five days a week.  I know other clergy are not as fortunate.

The pendulum may be swinging again.  Just two years ago, everything being done by the synod had something to do with "mission," whatever that really meant.

I think those interviewed know how difficult church work is these days for everyone involved and see the need for these workers to be supported.  Without support, there will be little mission.


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