A Sunday of Contrasts

I faced extreme contrasts this past Sunday morning.

Early in the morning I was at MacArthur Park for a service with over 180 in attendance, many of them staff, school children, and family members. I could feel the excitement and hope in the group.

A couple hours later I worshiped with fewer than 30 at a combined service of the English speaking and Spanish speaking congregants at Gethsemane Lutheran Church.  I realized how fortunate I am since the ELCA has far more congregations like Gethsemane than like MacArthur Park in San Antonio.

At MacArthur Park, I was among the elders in the service.  At Gethsemane, I was in the middle of the age spectrum.

Before Gethsemane had a special congregational meeting to deal with a budget concern, I was able to recruit a possible volunteer for the synod's Peace and Justice Task Force.  I feel fortunate since that congregation has significant leadership needs among its own membership.

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