Funeral of Billy Graham

When planned ten years ago, it was assumed all living former United States presidents in good health would attend Graham's funeral.  While two did drop by during the week to extend condolences, no living former president actually attended the funeral.

Many hoped having all of the former presidents and President Trump together at the same time would have helped heal some of the nation's deep wounds.  But there was no such photo op or conversation.

The religious attendees were almost all from the religious right or conservative evangelical subset of Christianity.  Graham had tried to reach out to a wide spectrum of Christians during his ministry, but at his funeral, the attendees were from a narrow spectrum of the faith.

I think it is significant that I received no acknowledgements of Grahams' death or expressions of sympathy from the large number of religious leaders and organizations I have on my email list. It was like he had been totally forgotten.

Franklin Graham has certainly hurt the memory of his dad.  Things would have been different a few years ago. 

The divisions in our nation, both political and religious, are hard to deny.  I continue to pray for more unity.  We just lost an opportunity for that unity to blossom.

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