July 21: Pray. Fast. Act.

"On Saturday, July 21, we join with The Episcopal Church in our monthly commitment to #PrayFastAct.  This month, our focus is on protecting Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security for the future.  Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security are the core of our nation's medical and income safety net for the elderly, unemployed, underemployed and disabled.  In recent decades, investments in programs that spur the economic potential of individuals has declined, which has led to an increase in the number of people needing the support of these programs.  Together, these programs and other safety net measures represent a significant amount of annual federal spending.

"Recently, proposals have been made to change the programs by manipulating eligibility or coverage to reduce spending.  Difficult, but responsible, changes require Congress and the nation to invest in programs that reduce the long-term need for these programs and minimize the individual impact of the economic cycle so that these programs can cost less because they are needed less."

As I read this, the ELCA is calling upon us to reduce safety net programs by first reducing the poverty which requires these programs.  The goal should not be just to reduce spending on these and similar programs. 

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