Press Conference for Christopher Young

Several people reported seeing me on the evening news yesterday and my picture appeared in the San Antonio Express-News today after I participated in the press conference in Main Plaza yesterday.  The conference was called by a group opposing the death penalty to draw attention to San Antonian Chris Young who is scheduled to be executed July 18 for a murder he committed years ago.

I read a statement signed by 17 local clergy objecting to the dismissal of a potential juror because that juror belonged to a church which had a ministry to the poor, which this particular juror did not join.  The letter contended the free exercise of Christians was being denied by holding church membership against the potential juror..

I was able to meet families of both the killer and the killed,  The victim's family also does not want the death penalty in this case.

While the letter was written from a Baptist perspective, I said Lutherans are more interested in getting out of jury duty.  I said if the word gets out church membership can get one out of jury service,  I expect church attendance to increase.  At least a few caught my humor.

This case involves people in systemic generational poverty.  The death penalty looks differently depending on one's social class.


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