The Meaning of a Smart Phone for the Poor

At House of Prayer Lutheran Church July 9,  we discussed how to help the poor.  One person asked if some people who claim they are poor  are really poor, especially when they can afford a smart phone.

I pointed out that what sounds like a luxury for one social class may actually be a necessity for another class.  A smart phone is a good example.

Some people who are really poor are homeless, which means they do not have easy access to a land phone line and may not have a permanent mailing address.  They may also have no one who can be relay communications to them. 

The only way these poor people can communicate to future employers is through their smart phone.  If they cannot communicate with future employers, they cannot be expected to find work.  If they cannot work, some say they should not be eligible for public assistance.  These poor people are really caught in a trap.  

For the truly poor, a smart phone may be a necessity, not the luxury middle and upper class people may think such a phone is.

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