April 1, 2018. "Hope in a Fearful World." Mark 16: 1-8.

Why is Easter important to you?  This is a joyous day.  But for the women at the tomb, the mood was far different.  The women were fearful.  The young man offered God's remedy for fear.  Observe reality.  Take action.  God would appear.  Many are overwhelmed by fear today.  What should we do?  Observe reality.  Take action.  Live in hope.  We have a story to tell.  The story of Easter continues.

March 30, 2018. "The Reign of Jesus." John 18:1 - 19:42.

In John's account of the Passion, Jesus is in charge.  Jesus is a king.  The reign of Jesus is not from this world.  The reign is in this world.  Fighting is not necessary.  The reign of Jesus is truth.  The people demand falsehood.  The people demand an earthly emperor.  From the body of Christ comes forth blood and water.  The story will continue.

March 18, 2018. "Praying for All the Saints." Revelation 7: 9-17.

What is a saint?  Revelation talks a lot about saints.  We pray for saints in the Prayer of the Church.  In Revelation 7, saints worship Christ.  These saints suffered on earth.  These saints have been cleansed through the blood of the Lamb.  These saints enjoy life in God's presence.  Now in heaven, the victory of Christ is being celebrated with people like you and me.  John challenges us to live like saints.  John challenges us to Life the Gospel and Change the World.

March 11, 2018. "Praying for Those in Need." James 5: 13-20.

How would you describe your prayer life?  Americans struggle with prayer.  The community Jesus addressed struggled with prayer.  James encourages us to pray for others.  In the Prayer of the Church, we pray for those with special needs.  We pray for those who are suffering.  We pray for those celebrating good news.  We pray for those who are sick.  We pray for those who need forgiveness.  We pray for those dependent on nature.  We pray for those who are wandering.  We pray to help Live the Gospel and Change the World.  

February 18, 2018. "Praying for the Whole Church." John 17: 20-26.

What is the purpose of prayer?  Today we begin a Lenten series of sermons on the Prayer of the Church.  Each week we lift up the church in prayer.  We pray for the whole church because Jesus prayed for the whole church.  The church is united.  We are united to God by grace through faith.  We are united to each other in love.  We are united in mission in the world. We are united to Christ in future glory.  We are united so the world will come to faith.  Jesus Christ is the glue for the whole church.

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