April 15, 2018. "Repentance and Forgiveness." Luke 24: 36b-48.

What do you and others fear?  How do you handle fear?  Today, victims of abuse live in constant fear.  Many of these people are women, children, immigrants, the elderly, and others without power.  Often these powerless people have been encouraged to forgive their abusers.  In the Bible, the weak, the victimized, are not expected to forgive the strong, the abuser.  Forgiveness presupposes repentance.  We repent; God forgives.  Yet much forgiveness practiced today is cheap grace.  True repentance and confession are necessary.  Jesus was resurrected to replace fear with peace.  As Christians, we are to preach a gospel of repentance and forgiveness.  What should Christians do?  What should we do for people in fear?

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