Welcome to MacArthur Park Lutheran Church

You are considering MacArthur Park Lutheran at an exciting time for our church!

We have re-written our purpose statement and have become more intentional about how to be the people God is calling us to be!

With the help of a vision task force, congregational Bible study in small groups, and a number of adult forums, we presented a new purpose statement and guiding principles to the congregation for adoption.  To guide our work and conversations, we studied the Book of Acts and used a format similar to that presented in Dave Daubert’s book entitled Living Lutheran: Renewing Your Congregation.

This new purpose and these principles were adopted at our annual meeting on Aug 28, 2011.


Live the gospel. Change the world.


·         Jesus is Lord and Savior.

·         We welcome all.

·         We grow in faith through worship, education, service, fellowship, and prayer.

·         We strive for justice and peace in all the world.

·         We act with courage and accept change.

·         We are joyful stewards.

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