March 2018

The quilt top made by Bernice Raney has netted $5,611.10 for MacArthur Park Lutheran School.  The winner of the quilt is MacArthur Park Lutheran Church member Mary Alice Rupard.  Ironically, she is the one who did all the actual quilting stitches on the quilt!


In 2017, Thrivent members directed $826 worth of Choice Dollars to MacArthur Park Lutheran Church and $854 worth of Choice Dollars to MacArthur Park Lutheran School. The deadline for Thrivent members to direct their Choice Dollars for 2017 is March 31, 2018.  If you need help to do so, please check with your Thrivent Congregational Advocate Suzette Price.


The newly published book “Unplanned” by Mac Park Church member Brenda Kusenberger is available on Amazon as a paperback and as Kindle book.  The book is about a difficult time in the life of a young adult.


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