April 2018

On March 11 MacArthur Park Lutheran Church offered a blessing for the prayer shawls that will go to the Southwestern Texas Synod Assembly May 4-5.  The shawls are being sent so that each voting member will have a prayer shawl or prayer square during the process of selecting the new bishop. Virginia Stowell who heads up the prayer shawl ministry reports that eleven knitters made the 37 shawls and 200 prayer squares that were blessed during the Sunday worship service.


MacArthur Park Lutheran Church will be donating a large number of items to Lutheran World Relief. The women’s group has assembled, packaged, weighed and labeled 70 personal care kits using seed money from a Thrivent Action Team grant.  Susan Rath provided the toothbrushes for the kits, and Patty Raney and Suzette Price bought some of the combs and nail clippers.  The Florida State University Alamo Seminoles alumni group assembled, packaged, weighed and labeled 100 personal care kits.  Mac Park member and Alamo Seminoles President Eric Price applied for and received a Thrivent Action Team grant that paid for some of the needed items for the kits.  Alamo Seminoles donated 120 bars of soap for the kits.  The Mac Park quilters made 30 quilts to donate.  Pastor Lynn Ziese made and packaged 64 fleece blankets and 8 baby care kits.  On April 4, Dan Bierstedt and Henry Sladek will load the boxes into their trucks and deliver them to the Lutheran Work Relief area gathering point at Texas Lutheran University in Seguin.

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